Do you enjoy manually brewed coffees?

This platform is focusing on freshly roasted small batch coffee beans for the moca pot, drip filters, french press, Aeropress and so on. Please let us know what coffees you would be interested in or what coffee you could offer as a roaster.

Rudric Coffee started as a project after the founders bought and tasted many types of coffee roasted by known and unknown roasters in Switzerland, Europe and beyond. The love of coffee in itself and the keen interest in the industry made it an easy decision. The experimentation with different brewing methods such as Aeropress, drip-filter, the moka pot and the french press brought the idea of setting up a portal for coffee lovers. People with a keen interest in trying many sorts of fresh nonstandard coffees from small to middle sized roasters is the main focus.


Are you a roaster interested in having your fresh products marketed by us and our site? You can use your own packaging or the “Rudric Coffee” brand with the package labelled roasted by “your company”.  Please contact us.


We are buying and selling small limited batches of coffee to make sure that we can offer the freshest beans possible. The demand for certain coffees from specific roasters drives the batch sizes and the size of the total stock at any time.

We are very interested in your feedback of coffee you bought through us but also what type of coffee and from which roaster you would like to see in the future.

Please write to us with the following form.